I'm selling in the USA, should I expand into Canada?

Canada is a great place to start expanding into from a US standpoint. To be aware the sales are only about 5-10% of the USA but still its an additional sales platform. It is a relatively straight forward process. Simply go onto Amazon.com Seller Central, click the drop down menu that switches you from US to CAN, and set up a bank account the same way you did in the .com, upload the listings (which should update via the same global sku method - using Amazons catalogue) , then send stock into the FBA centres. Again this process can be even easier than the USA because generally they only ship to 1 Fulfillment centre. You'll still have to send your inventory to Canada, it's not like the EFN i.e. you send all your products to one location (US) and they ship out to Canada from there. It's kinda pointless at the moment (the NA Unified Account) but I'm sure in time they'll get this down.

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