Am i required to have a USA LLC for AMAZON.COM and a UK company for UK if I am based in AUS?

For the UK then yes you'll definitely need a UK LTD company to get access to the VAT threshold we talk about in Module 11 of the MPSH System & Module 2 of the EU Expansion System. I would recommend an LLC for the US too. The UK is a little more of a 'must do' due to the VAT is possible to run your US sales from your UK Limited Company , it is just not our recommendation especially as time goes on , and your business becomes more and more profitable in the US this structure becomes inefficient , and to change over will generally require a shut down of your original US Amazon Seller Central account and the start of a new one under the “new” US LLC Entity , hence why we recommend starting a US LLC for your US Sales. Recommended but not required.

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