If a product is listed as 2 identical sets (not packaged items like spatulas) is it considered isolated? Is the second set an extra?

Yes research to see is it generally sold as a set of 2. If that is the case then it is an isolated product if it doesn't come with a bonus physical product. For example a set of 2 spatulas with a kitchen timer would be non isolated as the timer would be a bonus. 2 spatulas on their own would be isolated. In this case you could add in an extra spatula, giving 3 instead of 2, thus differentiating your offer. To add real fire to it, maybe you could still squeeze in the timer, thus blowing the market open with a much better offer. Basically, we just want to be aware at what we're going up against at all times. If we're going up against pages and pages of products that have bonuses and are quality units, then we're going to struggle. Thankfully, this as a strategy isn't widely used by most sellers - it can really set us apart.

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