Definitions of terms used in MPSH

Term         Alternative         Term Description

US            .com        , Amazon USA, USA

UK         Amazon United Kingdom, United Kingdom

DE            .de           , Amazon Germany, Germany

FR             .fr           , Amazon France, France

IT             .it            , Amazon Italy, Italy

ES             .es          , Amazon Spain, Spain

CA            .ca           , Amazon Canada, Canada

USD          $                       US Dollars

GBP           £                      UK Sterling, Great British Pounds

UR            €                       Euro Currency, European Union Euro

CDN          CDN $               Canadian Dollars

SKU          Model Number    Stock Keeping Unit, a unique code for a product

FOB                                   Freight on Board, Relates to Pricing

DDP                                  Delivered Duty Paid, Relates to Pricing

EXW                                  Ex Works Pricing

CIF                                    Cost Insurance and Freight Pricing

FC                                    An Amazon Fulfilment Centre where goods are stored and                                         shipped from

FBA                                  Fulfilment by Amazon, Amazons Shipping Service

POI                                   Profit on Investment

POR                                  Profit on Return

OVERSIZED                       An item this is over the dimensions of a small parcel and                                            is classed separately

MSKU                                Merchants (Your) SKU

PREP                                  Preparation for an SKU

QTY                                   Quantity

MOQ                                  Minimum Order Quantity (The minimum a supplier will                                                supply)

TOQ                                  Total Order Quantity (The quantity on an order)

TOV                                  Total Order Value

ASIN                                 Amazon Term - Amazon Stock Identification Number

FNSKU                              Amazon Term - Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit

EU                                    European Union - Europe

LCL           GROUPAGE         Less Than Container Load - i.e. not a full container load

20-FOOTER         20", 20GP  A 20ft Shipping Container

40-FOOTER         40", 40GP  A 40ft Shipping Container

CBM                  m3            The cubic metre size of a unit, carton or order


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