What is Superhero Freight, and how can it save me money?

Superhero Freight is our MPSH member service that provides a complete shipping solution for all of your orders - and gives you exclusive access to our shipping discounts!We will collect and ship your items from your manufacturer all the way to Amazon on your behalf. Superhero Freight will also include automated billing and will be fully accessible on Xcellerator. This will be a completely online system which will allow for every facet of the process to be done through the Xcellerator program for your convenience. In addition to shipping discounts and online automation, this service will incorporate a number of other services including customs clearance, warehouse hub availability, additional labeling services, sample collation services, shipping discounts and more.Superhero Freight is a subscription service with a monthly service charge of $79 for MPSH Members/$97 for Non MPSH Members

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