Bank Statement .CSV Formatting

Formatting your bank statements so Xcellerator can easily and properly read your information is extremely important. If Xcellerator cannot read your .csv files, it cannot do what you need it to do.

Almost every bank lets you download an online copy of your debits and credits. However, they don't all format them the same - so this will take a little extra work on your behalf. Unfortunately, there's no way around this.

First, you'll need to know the basics: there are 7 columns and a minimum of two rows (one for the header and one for your first line of information).

Second, we allow for 4 narratives (descriptors) with a maximum of 500 characters. For pretty much every bank in the world, 500 characters is plenty. Aside from the 4 narratives, we have the credit, debit and date rows. Below is an example .csv with faux information.

Row 1: All your headers. Never remove these.

Row 2: First line of information. It was a transaction (money spent; Debit). The value is a negative number because its money coming out of your account. Xcellerator will fix a few of these in case you forget, but it's best to always format Debit's as negative numbers.

Row 3: Another transaction. Money spent = Debit = Negative numbers. Leave credit blank.

Row 4: Money coming in = Credit. Leave the Debit column blank and use a positive number for the Credit column. Row 4 also demonstrates how Narrative #4 is optional, but actually Narrative 2, 3 and 4 are optional.

Lastly, you have Column A. This is your Date column - which day did the Debit or Credit occur? For this we use the dd/mm/yyyy (European) date formatting.

A note about .csv editors:Some editors, such as OpenOffice will try to format some cells for you, automatically. When it changes, for example, the date of 09/06/2015 to 2009-06-15, that is not acceptable. You absolutely have to make sure it's formatted correctly.

Please email us at to request the bank statement template file. 

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