Does a product's BSR factor into the shortlist score for the product? And is it carried through the system?

The Search rank is not carried through, it is merely an indicator for you to be able to see if you have entered something too high. It also does not factor into Shortlist as once it has served it purpose in Viability it is no longer required by the 4S system. The research process then centres on Logic followed by profitability. So you are correct in terms of the MPSH being concerned with being able to have enough sales to be viable, aiming to hit the rule of 5 as your first target. In terms of a Product A vs Product B , once you get to that stage it is all about profitability so that you would make your choice based on that part of the formula. The number of sales per day that can be done would not actually be relevant to this decision (i know thats a weird statement to make but stay with me) , because its about a return on your investment. After doing Product A for example you may end up doing Product B , which has a lower profitability but a higher volume of sales, but the profitability from A first over B will allow you to add more Products to the pipeline for the least amount invested.

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